Thursday, April 10, 2008

Law School Update

My first acceptance letter today! Well, my first acceptance letter for 2008...(well, okay, it's an email...the letter will be here soon).
It's in Cincinnati...a good school.
Since I'm still waiting for a number of other schools to get back to me, my decision is a ways off.'s official! I am going to law school!


Woodine said...


alison said...

Good job!

Cougarg said...

Sounds good. If you end up in Cincy, that'll be near where my mom grew up. Hope you like it hot and sticky in the summer!

Brent Wenerstrom said...

My vote is for Cincy. That is only 2 hours from us. Also, I have been to the U of Cincinatti for a conference and it looks like a nice campus.