Saturday, April 12, 2008

Wolves in Idaho

Very funny first paragraph in a news article in Idaho Falls today:
"It's only been a week since their delisting and already wolves are running amuck and causing all sorts of problems, especially in Ashton."
That's right. As soon as wolves were taken off the endangered list, they decided "oh, we're no longer protected by the law, and if we bug people or livestock they can shoot us on sight, so let's run rampant and terrorize farmers in eastern Idaho." Wolves have been in eastern Idaho for a while. There's no reason for them to change their behavior because they've been delisted. Stupid Idaho Falls reporters.

So it's fact that Idaho Falls reporters are dumb. The rest of this post is partly my opinion, and partly fact.

If wolves were dangerous, this might be more of an issue. But wolves are the least dangerous big predator (I know of one fatality in the last fifty years, and there have been many more fatalities from bears, mountain lions, rattlesnakes, domestic dogs, etc.) Wolves tend to be very wary of humans (much more so than bears). They tend to avoid humans at all costs. If a wolf even annoys you, or your livestock, or your pets, you have full legal authority to go out and kill it.
For some reason people have an irrational fear of wolves. Bears? No problem. A strange dog? We'll pet it. A wolf? Like Little Red Riding Hood? Like Mr. Huff and Puff? (Have you seen "Enchanted" by the way? That's right. Little Red Riding Hood was the bad guy.) A wolf? Run and hide or he'll eat you up!
On a brighter note, a loud, obnoxious scary dog that threatened my wife on our honeymoon was apparently killed by a wolf. The only sad thing is that the wolf can now be shot on sight.

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