Friday, August 08, 2008

Finally a concert I'm excited about

--and it's on a Sunday.
I spent the last year in Idaho Falls, and while a classical concert there was nice, and I patiently sat through a Jim Brickman concert (the things we do for love), no acts came through that got me at all excited.
Now, in a bigger city, that changes.
Heart and Journey, two awesome classic rock bands, are coming, together, to Cincinnati.
But they're coming on the wrong day of the week.
Oh well. I'll wait patiently for another good show. I think Savatage is dead, but Dream Theater...I'm looking at you now. You'll stop by, right? And if I sat through Jim Brickman, my wife should be able to put up with Dream Theater, right?
Maybe not.
Maybe I'll just go alone.
I'm crossing my fingers...


Brightonwoman said...

In a healthy relationship, either spouse should be comfortable with the other spouse sometimes going to do something (including something big like a concert) without them. My husband goes to movies without me (either with his friends or alone) Those are the movies I don't care to see...if I do want to see it, we go together. He went to a concert without me once. I went to a play without him...
Really, if you were clones of each other life would be dull!

Tim said...

Sometimes, though, the partner may view something as romantic (especially if it's during the week of a birthday and Valentine's Day) and then things are different.
The problem so far in our marriage is that we're not in Utah and so I don't have guys to go hang out with. So pretty much, if I'm not with her, I'm alone (or at work hanging out with co-workers).
That being said, I got curious, and looked up some tour dates on-line. Two of the main guys from Savatage (my favorite band, and the entity that spawned Trans-Siberian Orchestra) will be playing just four hours from here in October. So it looks like I'll be doing the solo thing.
Eight hours of driving...totally worth it.