Sunday, August 31, 2008

Utah students score way too low on the ACT

There's an interesting article in the Salt Lake Tribune about ACT scores in Utah. Traditionally, Utah has bragged about its ACT scores. They're also used as a handy excuse for why, say, Jordan School District pays beginning teachers a mere $27,000 a year. The reasoning goes like this: Utah does very well academically, even without pouring more money into obviously pouring money into education doesn't help students do better.
Problem is, that information is false. It turns out, if we compare the ACT scores of whites in Utah to whites elsewhere, Utah is below average. Also, a lower percentage of students in Utah take the test, when compared to other states. When we look closely at the data, Utah is actually under-performing.
Utah only does better when we don't take race into account, or the fact that some other states require all graduating seniors (and not just college-bound ones) to take the ACT.


Tim said...

Let me say very quickly that I don't believe that money solves all problems.
But let's face it. When Utah teachers make that much's going to suffer. Money's a big part of the equation. And until Utah realizes it, many excellent teachers are going to move to Wyoming. Starting pay? $50,000 a year. Almost twice as much.

Brightonwoman said...

Oh man, paying teachers more would help a lot. "Those who can, do, those who can't, teach" would change overnight if "those who can" could AFFORD to teach!
Why do you think we moved to Alaska! The paycheck had a lot to do with it.