Friday, November 04, 2011

Comparing Anti-Mormon Sentiments from Political Candidates

Let's take a look at how those running for the highest position in this country view Mormonism.

Obviously, Romney and Huntsman, both Mormons, defend the faith. Romney's attacked for it, and Huntsman calls the attacker a moron.

How did the rest of the GOP respond? Rick Perry refused to say whether Romney was a Christian or not. Herman Cain and Michele Bachmann also dodged the question. Those three have not said a single word of criticism to those who say a Mormon should not be president, despite ample opportunity (and direct questions from interviewers) on the topic. Their responses have been dodgy and weak.

Now, today, another candidate spoke up. Technically, he's not running for president--he's running for vice president.

"Vice President Biden denounced questions about Romney's religion, saying it is wrong and unfair to suggest the former Massachusetts governor shouldn't be president because he is a Mormon," states the article. Biden stated, "I think it is outrageous. I think it is outrageous." He also used the terms "embarrassing" and "preposterous."

I'm glad one of the candidates is standing up for us.

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