Tuesday, November 22, 2011

New Ward Update

Well, the new ward is made up of parts of three old wards. Most if not all of the presidencies are in place. It's a ward with a good mix of people--some older people, some middle-age people, some younger people. Education, wealth, etc. is all over the place too.

The bishopric is all over the age of 40 (and probably over the age of 50). I'm not terribly surprised about that. What did surprise (and, to tell the truth, disappoint) me was the makeup of the Relief Society Presidency and the members of the Ward Council . With the exception of the Elder's Quorum President, they're all over 40 (and probably all over 50) too. That includes the Young Women's President and the Primary President. The Relief Society President even told the sisters that she probably wouldn't remember their names if they're under 40. I wish there was a little more age diversity in the leadership--I'm a bit worried the ward leadership will fail to recognize the needs of the many younger people in the ward.

To the credit of the Elder's Quorum President, one of his counselors is a grey-haired over-50s guy. So there, at least, there is some age diversity.

Other than that, though, the ward seems pretty good. I'm definitely happy that the songs aren't all sung at 70% of the minimum recommended speed (a welcome change after the last Shelley ward). We'll see how things are going forward.

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