Saturday, May 03, 2008

Cincinnati it is (I think)

So April and I were leaning towards Cincinnati (over Portland)...and then we found out that if April finds full-time work before classes start I can get in-state tuition my first year...and then they offered me a bit of a scholarship on top of that. So Cincinnati wins out.
We're looking at homes already. And I've talked more with the bishop of the Norwood ward (which we'll probably be moving into) this past week than I've talked with my bishop here in Idaho Falls this last (almost) year.
Apparently there are at least two other LDS law students at the law school...which is actually surprising, considering the fact that there aren't many members in Cincinnati, and the law school is quite small (they admit around 120 each year).
Our grand plans could change...but the chances of that happening are getting smaller and smaller. There's still a (slight) chance that a university that has waitlisted me will change their mind and accept me...but if they want me, they'd better move quickly. We'll be buying a house in June or July, and once we've done that, we're committed.
Personally, I like the idea of moving away from the in-laws, doing our own thing, and joining a ward that has a weekly attendance of 100 to 120. I enjoy small wards much more.


Cougarg said...

There is definitely a 'lost in the crowd' feeling in these big Utah/Idaho wards. Not as much at BYU, but they are sufficiently big that if you really wanted to, you could fly under the radar there too. It's nice to be in a ward where you are needed and appreciated.

Brent and Katie will be happy that you guys will only be a few hours away. But wherever you guys end up, I'm excited for you.

Brentwell said...

Brent and Katie are happy that you guys will be 1 hr 40 min away. Good luck on finding a home. I would guess now is a good time for buying.

Anonymous said...

I was just going to say that Brent will be happy about the choice ... but it's already been mentioned. Twice.