Friday, May 23, 2008


So I'm not usually a big fan of politicians. They tend to be more concerned with themselves than with the long-term success of the people they're supposed to serve. And I find that many of them do stupid things...(like the gas tax break that Clinton and McCain want to give the American people this summer--really stupid pandering to the public, instead of real long-term solutions).
So I'd like to write about a politician that I actually have respect for.
Governor Huntsman is not very outspoken. I've heard him speak once, and although it was a good speech, it was clear that his strength is not public speaking. He seemed very humble.
I also watched a debate between him and Matheson as both ran for governor. I was impressed by how civil the two were to one another.
He dropped out of high school to play keyboards in a band. More recently he played keyboards at a Styx concert and attended a Dream Theater concert (a progressive metal band that has a grand total of one hit single...) Clearly, by embracing artsy, intellectual rock and metal, he is not pandering to the people of Utah. He's an individual, with his own (not to mention incredible) taste in music.
He realizes that education is important, and has actually made that one of his biggest goals.
He knows how to make deals...when he first came into office, construction on Legacy Highway had stopped. An environmental group was suing because the highway would disrupt and destroy important wetlands, and the state of Utah was losing a lot of money because they refused to negotiate with the environmental group. Governor Huntsman very quickly took control of the situation, worked out a deal that (almost) everyone could live with, and building resumed.
He threatened to veto a bill that would've directly affected me as a science teacher...a bill that would've corrupted science education in Utah. He's smart enough to realize that the scientists and science educators should determine what's taught in Utah schools...and not a bunch of backwards state legislators and special interest groups.
I don't necessarily agree with every decision he makes, but I'm glad Huntsman's governor.


Brightonwoman said...

Well, we liked Mathison better...which isn't to say that we didnt' like Huntsman, we just liked Mathison better.
That said, Gov huntsman is a good guy, and he even visited Hubby in his classroom--did you know that? Hubby, the newbie teacher, taught UT history and one of his students raved to mom, and the mom worked at teh capitol and raved to the Gov, and the Gov's people called Hubby and asked if the Gov could visit his class.
The senior teachers were pretty jealous.

Tim said...

I actually liked Matheson too.
Seeing the debates, I had a hard time deciding on which one I liked best.
Now how often does 'that' happen in politics?
(Usually I pick the lesser of the two evils).

Anonymous said...

Maybe Huntsmen is pandering to the science teacher, progressive rocker constituency?


Tim said...

Yep, all one of us...