Wednesday, May 07, 2008

A funny phone call and a funny picture

First the picture:

(Thanks to Respectful Insolence for providing the picture)

Then the phone call:
Last night someone called asking for me. I didn't understand everything the lady was saying, but it sounded like a short opinion poll, so I stayed on the line.
And although it was dressed as an opinion poll, it was really pretty much straight propaganda. A two-minute recording told me why I need to fear for my life because my right to owning a gun would be taken away due to a possible Supreme Court decision...
Now, I'm not anti-gun. I went shooting every once in a while as a kid, and I don't have a problem with guns as long as they're locked up safely. But I do have a problem with the NRA, who, it turned out, were the ones calling me; I think it's stupid that if you want to run for president as a Republican you need their support (remember Romney?) and I think they usually go way overboard. Notice also that Hillary is now pandering for the support of the NRA crowd.
I also have big issues with fear-mongering.
So, after the recording, when the lady asked me if the government should have the right to take away our guns, I told her, "At certain times and in certain places." She thanked me for my time and immediately hung up.

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Cougarg said...

I guess she is proof why English needs to be the "Offical" language of the US. She obviously is suffering from all the other languages spoken in our country, and cannot use English correctly. ;)

Is it useful for people to know how to use guns? Sure, I think so, not necessary, but useful. Is it necessary to have a gun, no. I doubt I will ever own a gun. But if there ever came a time for me to use one, wouldn't you feel safer if I had some idea of how to use it?