Monday, May 19, 2008


Aren't coincidences strange?
My parents happen to be friends with Caron's (my dad and her mom served in the same mission).
I guess that one's a little more likely, seeing that everyone involved is LDS, but this next one...
Unless something drastic happens and the University of Utah decides that they need me at their school (which is very unlikely) it looks like I'm heading to the University of Cincinnati. Even of U of U accepts me, I still might decide to attend UC.
A cousin I'm close to in Provo is heading to Indiana, less than two hours from UC, so her husband can go to grad school (which is nice, because it means we'll probably be able to share a moving truck and cut our costs in half, saving some serious dough).
Brent, of course, is less than two hours away in Kentucky, doing grad school.
Even more amazing, a cousin I grew up with (we're the same age) is also moving to Cincinnati. Her husband is starting a grad program at the exact same university the exact same year I am.
All of this is, of course, totally unplanned. I had no clue this cousin was going to UC until after I had made my plans.
Now, if it was U of U or BYU or something else not on the other side of the country, it wouldn't have been much of a coincidence, but this...
This I'm still trying to get over.
By the way, if anyone who read this is thinking of grad school in the's the time.


Brentwell said...

We have felt the same way. When we decided on colleges it happened to be between to brothers doing grad school in Indiana and Tennessee. A cousin of Katie's moved the same time we did to St. Louis. Now she has an uncle moving to Cincinnati along with yourself. I'm still surprised we are not so alone out here in Kentucky.

the masked mallard said...

Yeah, because who lives in Kentucky. Really. Or in Ohio for that matter.


Brightonwoman said...

God moves in mysterious ways!
I'm glad you're feeling good about the choice and the move--and glad you'll get to share a truck with R+K, she was so stressed about the expense of it!

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